Your class can be part of our mining heritage, find out how.

South Wales Miners' Museum now offers a varied and engaging range of educational activities for pupils in Key Stage 1 through to A-Level.  Our programme has been developed with schools and partners in the South West Wales (ERW) and Central South (CSC) education consortia.  If you are looking for memorable and engaging trips or for enriching school based activities then South Wales Miners' Museum has something for you and your pupils. 

Our new 'DIY Museum' sessions can bring the museum experience to your school.  We will work with your teachers to build a bespoke programme of visits to your school and class based tasks.  We have developed these session in consultation with class teachers to ensure that we can offer an adaptable and customisable plan that can help embed the teaching of the LNF and new Donaldson approach to experiential learning. 

Download our 'Education Activities' brochure here.
Or contact us for more details and to discuss what we can do for your pupils.

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